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Pathway 2 Success

The Aum Foundation offers the Pathway 2 Success (P2S) Program for under-resourced female high school students in their senior year. The purpose of the program is to allow the student to gain experience and insight into their career path, while also building life skills to aid them in breaking generational poverty and prepare them for the workforce. We encourage our participants to develop and implement a comprehensive education and career plan through mentoring, enrichment programs, and job shadowing. The end goal of our program is to provide our girls with the tools to achieve higher education degrees, economic independence, and, in turn, give back to the community.


P2S Program Components


The role of a mentor is to encourage the personal and professional development of a mentee through the sharing of knowledge, experience, and expertise. Our mentors are professionals from various fields. Although they sacrifice time, energy, and resources to make a vital difference in our program, the incredible thing is, they get out of it as much as the students.



Girls learn to empower themselves through curricula designed to address issues that are relevant to the workforce and life today. Students learn practical soft skills such as communication, conflict resolution, networking, and etiquette, as well as life skills including goal setting, budgeting, and time management.

ACT Prep

We provide impactful ACT tutoring that has been shown to increase the average ACT score by 2 points. This in turn has enabled our students to obtain more financial aid assistance, and in some cases has led to our students receiving full ride scholarships.



An amazing component of the Pathway 2 Success Program is Career Exploration. Job shadowing experiences allow students to get a real-world feel for jobs. Further, it helps students identify their career path, while enhancing their resumes with substantive experiences.


Students in the Pathway 2 Success program receive a scholarship up to $1500 to attend school and a $500 stipend after completing the first year of higher education. This funding is essential in helping students and can be applied flexibly to cover any needs that a student may have in their first year of higher education.

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Tools for School

Aum equips each of our students, who do not receive a laptop computer from their higher education institution, with a laptop computer upon completion of the program. This allows students to start college with not only the skills, but the tools, to accomplish their goals.

We build on strength!

Motivated student-leaders with a desire to become the best versions of themselves make up the Pathway 2 Success program.

Recruitment takes place in public schools during November and December, with applications opening in January, interviews held in March, and acceptance letters sent out in April.

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