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My Name is Jessica Bolling and I am the Program Director for AUM Foundation. I am a Huntsville native, born at Huntsville Hospital, graduated from Lee Highschool, and received my degree from the University of Alabama. I have held positions of increasing responsibility in the hospitality industry over the last 15 years; 10 of those at the Lumberyard as the Developer and Executive Director. I have served on a nonprofit board for 4 years and have always striven to provide leadership for my community.

I have a passion for helping people and the AUM Foundation has given me the opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills in a purposeful way that makes a difference in the lives of our girls and in the lives of members of our community. I can relate to the mission of this organization having had my own struggles as a woman in the workforce, I am aware of the inequalities around me and in our country. I believe it is my ethical responsibility to be active in the change I want to see.

Jessica Bolling
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