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The P2I training empowers a diverse group of employees to make their organization a more inclusive and welcoming place by creating a climate that discourages unconscious bias and promotes equity. During the training, participants are asked to look within themselves and their organization and make personal commitments to improve their culture. Following the training, P2I participants return to work ready to share what they have learned.


The P2I training is a straightforward training that works on several levels. First, the training allows potentially inflammatory issues to be discussed and dealt with proactively. Also, the participants who go through the training have a transforming experience. Following the training, they interact with one another and others with increased sensitivity and compassion. They become empowered to be positive role models who affect the overall climate of the organization.
The P2I team is available as a resource following the training. We are prepared to help your organization in several ways, including additional training, leading diversity exercises for group meetings or classes, or assisting in the community or organizational projects.
Training Day:
P2I training time will coincide with your organization’s typical workday. This allows participants to arrive at the usual time. Those participating in P2I training will be finished with sufficient time to end their workday.
Things to Consider while Preparing for Training:


  • Are you able to recruit a diverse cross-section of the organization’s population? It’s a good idea to develop a plan to promote the training to participants that are typically hard to recruit.
  • Think about the need for P2I training at your organization. How does this affect whom you recruit to participate in the training? How can the organization address these needs after the training is over?
  • How do you plan to implement the action plans created at your organization’s P2I training after the training? Are there other topics/issues you want your group to address?
  • Think about the commitments you and the participants will be able to make to the training. What support do you need?
  • How will your organization support the P2I training? Do you have the support of administration/managers?
Full-day training is $5,000 and half-day training is $2,500. However, we want to make our training accessible to all organizations because we believe in its importance. Contact us for prices for non-profits & educational institutions. Also in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering training online and socially distanced.